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Economic Development

It is important to ensure that Aurora continues to foster its reputation as a business friendly city. Economic development and business investment leads to jobs which drive higher wages and a higher quality of life for Aurora’s citizens. As Aurora continues to grow into a world-class city, it is important to elect leaders that recognize the importance of a strong job market, which starts with a thriving business community. I’ll work to make sure Aurora pursues smart economic and business development opportunities that serve all citizens.

Quality of Life

As a father of 3 young children, quality of life is important. Aurora has great parks, golf courses and so much more. In addition, jobs and educational opportunities for all ensure a strong qualify of life for Aurora citizens. I’ll make sure Aurora continues to develop quality of life facilities and opportunities on par with its size.

Public Safety

Aurora continues to be a safe city, despite some recent challenges – this is thanks to the tireless commitment of our Police and Fire Departments. Aurora citizens should always feel safe in their communities. I want to provide the resources our Police and Fire Departments need that will allow them the flexibility to continue to serve a growing, diverse city - this includes the latest training and equipment.

Fiscal Responsibility

Having served on the Aurora Citizens Advisory Budget Committee, I know firsthand how complex the City budget can be. Aurora needs leaders that are committed to smart growth and sustainability to ensure that we have resources for the future. With my professional and educational background, I have the right experience to manage this complex task.

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