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Mayor Bob LeGare, City of Aurora
Councilwoman Marsha Berzins, City of Aurora
Councilman Steve Bobrick, City of Aurora
Councilwoman Nadine Caldwell, City of Aurora
Councilwoman Barbara Cleland, City of Aurora
Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky, City of Aurora
Councilman Brad Pierce, City of Aurora

Councilman Charlie Richardson, City of Aurora

Councilman Bob Roth, City of Aurora

DA John Kellner, 18th Judicial District

Commissioner Jeff Baker, Arapahoe County

Commissioner Steve O'Dorisio, Adams County

Commissioner Lynn Myers, Arapahoe County

Mayor Adam Paul, City of Lakewood

Mayor Stephanie Piko, City of Centennial

Mayor Pro Tem Jessica Sandgren, City of Thornton

Councilman Richard Holt, City of Centennial

Councilman Don Sheehan, City of Centennial

Councilman Craig Hurst, City of Commerce City

Police Chief Ricky Bennett, City of Aurora

Fire Chief Ray Barnes, City of Aurora

Sheriff David Walcher, Arapahoe County

Home Builders Association of Metro Denver & Metro Housing Coalition
Aurora Firefighters Local 1290

On behalf of Aurora Firefighters Protective Association Local 1290, we are pleased to inform you that you have been endorsed in your race for Aurora City Council Member At-Large. After careful consideration, we believe you will be a strong advocate for us and our brothers and sisters in the fire service.

Aurora Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 49

It is with much enthusiasm the FOP Lodge 49 Board recommend and endorse Curtis Gardner for the At-Large position on the Aurora City Council. After meeting with Mr. Gardner, it was clear he is pro-Law Enforcement and is willing to work with us to ensure a better way of life for police officers & enhance public safety. Mr. Gardner also demonstrated fiscal responsibility, by having a forward-looking agenda in wanting to bring family friendly, money generating businesses to the City of Aurora. The Board of Lodge 49 feels that by working closely with the police and bringing businesses to the city, Aurora will be a more desirable place to live and work.

Denver Pipefitters Local 208
I’m pleased to share that our members voted to endorse you for your race.  We’re excited for the chance to work together and support your reelection! 
South Metro Denver Realtors Association
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Denver Area Labor Federation
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